chocolate time

i just ate the last of a (small) slab of Lindt chocolate i had sitting in my room because of this stuff. 

the packaging for this range of chocolate is so great – it comes with a pull-off magnet with a chocolate quote on it! yesssss. i would have all those magnets. just sayin’. 

and the perfect chocolate bar for today…

such a great concept by Jamila Refky 🙂

once again sourced from The Curious Brain!



there are just far too many clever people in the world.

for proof, check out these amazing Word Animals.

seriously though.

visit their site here to see even more fabulous Word Animals… including a PENGUIN, yo!

sourced from The Curious Brain (which is worth a ton of your time).

honey for my honey

hello, gorgeous.

Tamara Mihajlovic came up with the concept design of this incredible brand of honey… and i’m dying because it’s not actually real. i mean, LOOK at it. 

conceptually (i have to keep saying that to remind myself that it’s not real…) it comes in three different flavours: buckwheat, cranberry and star thistle. i mean, CRANBERRY HONEY?! why is this stuff not in my life?

simply put, i need it… yesterday.

amazing job, Tamara!

we go together like…

ramma lamma lamm, ka dinga da dinga dong! 🙂

i shared this on my personal blog, Pink Chucks, the other day, and then couldn’t resist posting it here. to be perfectly honest, i’ve considered shutting dear deer down… but i can’t bring myself to do it! so sometimes there will be double posts on both blogs 😉

David Schwen has come up with the coolest Pantone pairings – an edible variety! they are the greatest in the world – take a look for yourself and see if you don’t agree with me 🙂

i mean, HOW GREAT ARE THEY?! so so great 🙂

the writing’s on the wall

i have a thing for pearls of wisdom unceremoniously scribbled/scrawled/sprayed on the sides of buildings. here’s an amalgamation of all of the funny, moving, painful and hopeful wall knowledge i’ve found via the internet.

(this last one is from my university campus in Grahamstown. last year it just said “you make me” for the longest time, and then one day i passed it and someone had scribbled “happy” underneath. i’m so glad i took a photo of it then – subsequently someone’s added “feel like a natural woman” beneath the “happy”, which was then joined by “jizz”. thankfully the “jizz” has been erased – i’m assuming by people who were as irritated by its presence as i was – but it still doesn’t look the same as it used to.)


I found a whole bunch of new wall arty words and things this morning that i HAD to share. ready?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image(ok, those last two weren’t really unceremoniously scrawled on a wall… but they’re beautiful, so…)

Pinned Image

this last one is a quote of Torquato Tasso, an Italian poet who lived from 1544 to 1595, written on the staircase of a house in Polignano. translated into English, “Perduto e tutto il tempo che in amor non si spende” means, “Lost is all the time that you don’t spend in love”. i think it’s fantastic 🙂

cool, i think i’m really done now…

back with avenge-ance…

oh that was such a terrible pun. just ignore it.

hi everyone! sorry i’ve been gone so long again. i’m the worst. this post is sort of copy-and-pasted from my more general blog over at Pink Chucks, but it has a lot to do with design and illustration, not to mention how much i LOVE all that i’m about to share with you! 🙂

i’m a big big Avengers fan, as of, um, last year. (don’t laugh, we all have to start somewhere.) i swoon for Captain America, and love all the others almost as much! a little while ago, i came across a few Avengers-related designy things that made my world a little-lot better, and i thought i’d share ’em with you 🙂 so are you ready? LET’S GO!

(i mean, hi… how brilliant is this? and adorable? i know the Avengers aren’t necessarily meant to be adorable, but c’mon.)
Mike Kunkel’s Avengers Scribble
(i love their little stick-figure-ness so bad 🙂 )
Noelle Stevenson’s Sweater-vengers
her description for this image is hilarious – i have to put it here.
“I think Bruce knitted sweaters for everyone because knitting is a calming pastime, and then Thor was like LOKI IS MY BROTHER AND HE DESERVES A SWEATER TOO and so Bruce made one for Loki with Thor’s design input.”
she’s basically one of my heroes and has done a whole series on the Lord of the Rings called “The Broship of the Rings” which will find its way onto this blog in the near near near future. can’t resist sharing this amazing Captain America Valentine she illustrated, as well:
unless you’re a Nazi.  VALENTINES
and her comment under it: “…unless you’re a Nazi.”
then, OBVIOUSLY… CATVENGERS! (i couldn’t find the link to this one – it just went viral on tumblr. if any of you know where it originated, let me know and i’ll link it!)
Danny Haas’s Assemble
(i love this… i think it’s SO well designed. clean, sharp, beautiful.)
Matt Kaufenberg’s series on what the Avengers do on days off. 
(incomplete, sadly, but still BRILLIANT. you can bet your butt i’ll be doing a post on him soon, too!)
AND, finally…
Hannah Friederichs’s Avengers tribute to Maurice Sendak, which basically OWNS MY LIFE. (look at lil’ Captain man! look at him! aaaaugh.)
ok, that’s all from me for now! 🙂 hope you’ve enjoyed my AVENGER ADVENTURE (no really, these puns are the worst) and i will be back in the nearest of futures!

only my new favourite artist ever.

Sirin Thada. so, i discovered her something like two days ago, and i don’t think i could be a bigger fan if i tried.

this is from her website: “My work is a colorful concoction of everyday observations and embellished eavesdropping, mixed with a dash of pop culture. I am particularly drawn to the basic, boring struggles and emotions we all share. Heartache and silly daydreams, petty jealousies and snarky attitudes, irrational fears and insecurities — these are the things that move me.

I love the challenge of depicting these modern day mini-dramas in a way that is engaging and fun, hopefully sometimes funny, that can resonate with the young and young-at-heart around the world. Of course, there are times when my work is plain old silly. Because that’s just how I roll.

My art is done by hand on paper. I usually start by sketching in pencil, sometimes in ink. Then I color everything in with gouache. I also often use crayons, colored pencils, markers, and collaged bits of tape, to add another dimension to my work. Visually, I am inspired by everything from textiles, to graffiti, to old cartoons.”

i mean… SRSLY. i could just keep posting images. but go check out more of them here, or buy stuff from her shop! …because duh… she’s amazing.

Alla Kinda AWESOME!


Alla Kinda are a couple who, according to their vimeo profile, “like drawings, illustration, animation and other -ations”. and guess what? they’re flippin’ good at it, too! here are my favourite of their animations – hope you enjoy them as much as i did 🙂


“Hey, look! Here come the idiots!
These are four loops into a big one that we had submitted for the monthly challenge that LoopdeLoop organized in February 2012 with the theme “idiots”.
The truth is that we had a great time drawing these loonies, so we have in mind a few more … who knows, maybe the idiots parade will grow!”


“Mr. Fedor is a storyteller who reads a book and when it’s done he eats it. Yummy!”


“This is a teaser of a recycling campaign we did with Spora in 2009 to Pla de l’Estany, Girona. Features 9 animated clips explaining the different stages of the recycling chain.”

the dead words

here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ i found just today, thanks to The Curious Brain – THE DEAD LETTERS. this incredible project combines two of the great loves of my life – words and graphic design. find out more about the project here.

all lettering by the incredible Karen To!


Zoophyte (zoh-uh-fahyt), n. 1621-1983; plant-like animal such as coral.


Yex (yesk) n. 700-1828; a hiccup or the hiccups.


Oporopolist (oh-pawr-po-.list )n. 1671 -1725; A fruit-seller.


Pamphagous (pam-fuh-gu),adj 1702-1702.  eating everything; all consuming.


Impigrity (im-PIG-rit-ee), n. 1623-1721; quickness, speed.

Gaudiloquent (goh-DIL-uh-kwuhnt), adj. 1656-1727; speaking joyfully or on joyful matters

Habroneme (hab’ro-nem), adj. 1886-1886; Shaving the appearance of fine threads