floral frivolity

if you need to know one major thing about me, it’s that i have very little fashion sense at all.

i’m not saying i can’t appreciate good fashion when i see it; it’s more that when i try to pull off something fashionable, it just doesn’t work out. i’m a fashion fail, basically, and so i usually end up in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

but a couple years ago, i started falling in love with anything floral.

since i’m the antithesis of a girly girl, this was pretty ironic… but i just couldn’t get enough of floral prints – and i saw them everywhere. i’ve built up quite a collection of floral beauty, and i thought i’d display it here… since i think anything printed and flowery is joyful and hopeful and wonderful and inspires me 🙂

these two paintings are a part of my budding “art collection” (which really only consists of about 6 pieces… but hey, we all start somewhere, right?). the pansies were painted by the amazing Nicola Essery, and the assorted flowers were painted by her equally talented, equally fantastic daughter Serena. they are both up in my room and their prettiness is a wonderful thing to behold!

can we all be happy about this? my mom made this waistcoat when i was two. i wish i could find the photo with me wearing it, but this will have to suffice. isn’t it sunny and gorgeous?

this dress was the first floral anything i ever received; it was a spontaneous gift from my dearest sister Sindi, and i absolutely love it. i don’t think there’s been a time when i’ve worn this dress and NOT received a compliment from someone – it’s just such a classic beautiful style.

this is definitely the most colourful dress i own; in fact, it’s probably the most colourful piece of clothing i own! i love everything about this dress, especially the fact that it turns me into a super happy creature every time i wear it!

i picked this dress up at a thrift store in the States; my mom discovered it somewhere amidst old cast-me-downs. it’s so vintage and beautiful! i can’t wait for an opportunity to wear it out 🙂

i don’t like choosing favourites with any of my dresses, but if i absolutely had to, this dress would be a major contender. it was a gift from my marvellous aunt Kym, and it’s both friendly and classy, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂 needless to say, i wear it everywhere and it puts a serious spring in my step.

this dress – my newest acquisition – is a summer girl’s best friend. its cartoon-style flowers are a fresh take on floral patterns, and one that i most certainly approve of! (i love the stripes, too. yay for stripes!)

this Vera Bradley bag was a gift from dear friend Jenne, and its pattern – Hope Garden – always makes me smile. it’s so cheerful and bright, and really catches the eye. basically… i love it  🙂

and speaking of things which – and people whom – i love… today i picked up a parcel from the incredible Hayley, who, just because, decided to send me the most delightful, darling thing E.V.E.R.

yes, you are seeing right… it is a beautiful beautiful florally decorated mug, with a matchingly adorable teddy! is there anything more precious in the entire universe? (ignore my red face in the background. i’m excited, mmmkay?!) i was so blessed by this gift… and shocked when i realised how well it fit into my floral “theme” for this post! random. awesome. Hayley, you’re phenomenal ♥

and there you are, folks! are you fans of floral? what prints do you like the best? what patterns do you hoard? i’d love to hear 🙂


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