Mike Scott is the kiffest.

ohaai, folks!

today i’m wearing my stag shirt…

…which obviously means it’s time for a new post. of course 😉 [as a side note, how feminine does my shirt-stag look? is this the grown-up Bambi we’re talking about here? check out those eyelashes… sheeeeesh.]

so, moving on. let’s talk about this legend of a man named Mike Scott. (quick moment of amusement while Hannah realises that he has the same name as Steve Carell’s ridiculous character on The Office. kay, moment over.)

Mike is an amazing animator guy. he’s got a comic strip called “Bru & Boegie” which is so random and funny. tis about two little okes who walk around in their underwear all the time. yep. these’re some of my favourites…






you can check more of ’em out for yourself; click here for their archive. (just a note of warning: when they’re dodgy, they’re really really dodgy… but when they’re funny, they’re hilarious!)

his brother, Dave, is the mastermind/musician/trumpet-player behind awesome dance-electro-Nintendo-pop band The Kiffness. Mike also does stuff with the band… yes. but Mike’s big thing is animation, it appears. he does a lot of The Kiffness’s promo posters and images, with Dave’s help. this one’s my personal fave:

…but i dig this one too!

cool, ne? and if you don’t know The Kiffness, maybe you’ve heard of a little band called Goldfish. yes? i hope so. well, Mike also did the amazing animation for the music video of their song “Soundtracks & Comebacks”. the music video with the cute leetle fishy… here tis.

plus, he’s animated their latest music video, for “Get Busy Living”. and i didn’t think it was possible, but i love this video even more than “Soundtracks”. noreally.

and how’s this sick little gif he did for Goldfish, too?

and while we’re at it, this flyer…

oh yes. major kiffness.

Mike also does pretty legit stuff in general. like the design on this bass guitar. that i now want. yaaaaah.

or how about these rad t-shirt designs?

Pac-Man’s Nightmare



too much. it’s all too much. click here if you’d like to explore his site on your own – it’s well worth it, lemme tell ya.

*sigh* i’m just in a happy place right now. thank you, Mike Scott. and happy Saturday, everyone!


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