alright, now stop… it’s cupcake time!

hey errrbody!

here’s some fabulous news – Friday was my birthday! YES 🙂

to celebrate with my mom’s little Grade 3 class, my sister decided to bake cupcakes. and that got me thinking… it’s time to get my cupcake on on this here blog!

you see, Fact #362 That You Might Not Have Known About Hannah is that she LOVES cupcakes. (and yes, i was talking about myself in the third person… just ignore me. let’s carry on.) cupcakes are one of the few things i’m actually capable of baking; or, at least, they’re one of the few things i’ve baked which turn out: (a) looking the way they should, and (b) tasting delish.

and so i thought i’d showcase  some “cupcake art”… basically, food for your eyes, and for your grumbly tummy! unfortunately, you can’t eat any of these… cause, you know, they’re only images. i’m sorry.

oh, and PSBTW – if you click on any of the images, they’ll link back to where i originally found them. feeling far too lazy to sit and write about how much i love each of these cupcakes… just rest assured, i love them all! alright? 😉


Fire & Ice Cupcakes



rose cupcakes

so, don’t forget – if you’re ever in doubt… eat a cupcake!


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