fashion meets food: say whaaaat?

i have a bloggy friend. i also kind-of know her in real life, and this makes me a happy bean. her name is Emma-Jane Harbour and she has one of the coolest blogs around… you should definitely take my word for it! and then check it out here.

she constantly puts things that inspire me and make me grin in a giddy manner up on her blog… but back in November last year, before DearDeer existed, Emma posted The Coolest Thing. the trend of mashing up fashion photography with something else – be it artwork or band posters or other stuff – was going around, and she took her own spin on it. like i’ve said before, i’m not a beeg fashion girl. but now… seriously. when i saw her mash-ups, my jaw literally fell open. and maybe yours will too… take a look!





are you not in awe? is she not phenomenally cool, to come up with something so beautiful? *shakes head*

check out her original post here… and don’t forget to give her some love, cause she totally deserves it!


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