only my new favourite artist ever.

Sirin Thada. so, i discovered her something like two days ago, and i don’t think i could be a bigger fan if i tried. this is from her website: “My work is a colorful concoction of everyday observations and embellished eavesdropping, mixed with a dash of pop culture. I am particularly drawn to the basic, […]

Alla Kinda AWESOME!

Alla Kinda are a couple who, according to their vimeo profile, “like drawings, illustration, animation and other -ations”. and guess what? they’re flippin’ good at it, too! here are my favourite of their animations – hope you enjoy them as much as i did 🙂 WE ARE THE IDIOTS! “Hey, look! Here come the idiots! […]

the dead words

here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ i found just today, thanks to The Curious Brain – THE DEAD LETTERS. this incredible project combines two of the great loves of my life – words and graphic design. find out more about the project here. all lettering by the incredible Karen To! Zoophyte (zoh-uh-fahyt), n. 1621-1983; plant-like animal such as coral. […]

the return

hi everyone! i’m back after exactly a year… this date convergence was completely coincidental, but pretty cool 🙂 in the past year, i’ve encountered a RIDICULOUS amount of inspirational design, so much of which i’ve wanted to share on this here blog… but i’ve just never gotten around to it. and so a whole year […]