only my new favourite artist ever.

Sirin Thada. so, i discovered her something like two days ago, and i don’t think i could be a bigger fan if i tried.

this is from her website: “My work is a colorful concoction of everyday observations and embellished eavesdropping, mixed with a dash of pop culture. I am particularly drawn to the basic, boring struggles and emotions we all share. Heartache and silly daydreams, petty jealousies and snarky attitudes, irrational fears and insecurities — these are the things that move me.

I love the challenge of depicting these modern day mini-dramas in a way that is engaging and fun, hopefully sometimes funny, that can resonate with the young and young-at-heart around the world. Of course, there are times when my work is plain old silly. Because that’s just how I roll.

My art is done by hand on paper. I usually start by sketching in pencil, sometimes in ink. Then I color everything in with gouache. I also often use crayons, colored pencils, markers, and collaged bits of tape, to add another dimension to my work. Visually, I am inspired by everything from textiles, to graffiti, to old cartoons.”

i mean… SRSLY. i could just keep posting images. but go check out more of them here, or buy stuff from her shop! …because duh… she’s amazing.


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