the writing’s on the wall

i have a thing for pearls of wisdom unceremoniously scribbled/scrawled/sprayed on the sides of buildings. here’s an amalgamation of all of the funny, moving, painful and hopeful wall knowledge i’ve found via the internet.

(this last one is from my university campus in Grahamstown. last year it just said “you make me” for the longest time, and then one day i passed it and someone had scribbled “happy” underneath. i’m so glad i took a photo of it then – subsequently someone’s added “feel like a natural woman” beneath the “happy”, which was then joined by “jizz”. thankfully the “jizz” has been erased – i’m assuming by people who were as irritated by its presence as i was – but it still doesn’t look the same as it used to.)


I found a whole bunch of new wall arty words and things this morning that i HAD to share. ready?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image(ok, those last two weren’t really unceremoniously scrawled on a wall… but they’re beautiful, so…)

Pinned Image

this last one is a quote of Torquato Tasso, an Italian poet who lived from 1544 to 1595, written on the staircase of a house in Polignano. translated into English, “Perduto e tutto il tempo che in amor non si spende” means, “Lost is all the time that you don’t spend in love”. i think it’s fantastic 🙂

cool, i think i’m really done now…


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