chocolate time

i just ate the last of a (small) slab of Lindt chocolate i had sitting in my room because of this stuff.  the packaging for this range of chocolate is so great – it comes with a pull-off magnet with a chocolate quote on it! yesssss. i would have all those magnets. just sayin’.  and […]


there are just far too many clever people in the world. for proof, check out these amazing Word Animals. seriously though. visit their site here to see even more fabulous Word Animals… including a PENGUIN, yo! sourced from The Curious Brain (which is worth a ton of your time).

honey for my honey

hello, gorgeous. Tamara Mihajlovic came up with the concept design of this incredible brand of honey… and i’m dying because it’s not actually real. i mean, LOOK at it.  conceptually (i have to keep saying that to remind myself that it’s not real…) it comes in three different flavours: buckwheat, cranberry and star thistle. i mean, […]

we go together like…

ramma lamma lamm, ka dinga da dinga dong! 🙂 i shared this on my personal blog, Pink Chucks, the other day, and then couldn’t resist posting it here. to be perfectly honest, i’ve considered shutting dear deer down… but i can’t bring myself to do it! so sometimes there will be double posts on both […]