the return

hi everyone!

i’m back after exactly a year… this date convergence was completely coincidental, but pretty cool 🙂 in the past year, i’ve encountered a RIDICULOUS amount of inspirational design, so much of which i’ve wanted to share on this here blog… but i’ve just never gotten around to it. and so a whole year has rushed past, and i’ve finally decided to make my return to the wordpress atmosphere.

i’m going to be posting a LOT of separate posts tonight, just to get all of this fabulous stuff i’ve encountered out there. enjoy it if you get through it! 🙂


|ˌanəˈmā sh ən|

honey, i’m ho-o-ome!

after that delightful, unplanned hiatus of over two months, i decided that it was time to return to the land of DearDeer Design… and so here i am 🙂 if you care to know what i’ve been up to instead of sharing beautiful pieces of inspiration with the interwebs, head on over here. that should cover all my bases, and leave me free to share some AMAZING animation with you! but first:

animation |ˌanəˈmā sh ən|noun

1 the state of being full of life or vigor; liveliness : they started talking with animation.

• chiefly archaic: the state of being alive.

2 the technique of filming successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence :[as adj. ] animation techniques | animations as backdrops for live action.

• (also computer animation) the manipulation of electronic images by means of a computer in order to create moving images.

i like that definition. a lot.

and now, moving on… the other day i was perusing YouTube like the little addict that i am, and i happened to stumble across an animation of Kate Nash’s song Nicest Thing. now, firstly, that SONG is, um, the nicest thing. if you have not experienced the delight of Kate Nash (don’t worry, i was the same not so long ago) pleasepleaseplease do yourself a favour and go listen to her music and love her. #rantover. where was i? ah yes, the sa-weet little animation 🙂 i cannot put into words how ridiculously awesome it is – just experience it for yourself, mmkay? hit that play button! do it!

and then, after loving THAT one, i manically searched for more sweetness. and was not disappointed with this lovely animation of Laura Marling’s Alas I Cannot Swim…

…or this animation of Coldplay’s Yellow

but my ABSOLUTE favourite has to be this wonderful animation of KT Tunstall’s Throw Me A Rope, which i hadn’t heard before watching the animation. my goodness gracious me. i cannot stand all of this awesomeness.

are you, too, not in love now, dear readers? all of these sweeties were animated by someone mysterious and marvellous who goes by the YouTube Account name of musicANDmuffins. can’t deny the fabulousness of that combo… or of that mysterious muffinsy, musicky, animatedly-amazing person 🙂

fashion meets food: say whaaaat?

i have a bloggy friend. i also kind-of know her in real life, and this makes me a happy bean. her name is Emma-Jane Harbour and she has one of the coolest blogs around… you should definitely take my word for it! and then check it out here.

she constantly puts things that inspire me and make me grin in a giddy manner up on her blog… but back in November last year, before DearDeer existed, Emma posted The Coolest Thing. the trend of mashing up fashion photography with something else – be it artwork or band posters or other stuff – was going around, and she took her own spin on it. like i’ve said before, i’m not a beeg fashion girl. but now… seriously. when i saw her mash-ups, my jaw literally fell open. and maybe yours will too… take a look!





are you not in awe? is she not phenomenally cool, to come up with something so beautiful? *shakes head*

check out her original post here… and don’t forget to give her some love, cause she totally deserves it!

alright, now stop… it’s cupcake time!

hey errrbody!

here’s some fabulous news – Friday was my birthday! YES 🙂

to celebrate with my mom’s little Grade 3 class, my sister decided to bake cupcakes. and that got me thinking… it’s time to get my cupcake on on this here blog!

you see, Fact #362 That You Might Not Have Known About Hannah is that she LOVES cupcakes. (and yes, i was talking about myself in the third person… just ignore me. let’s carry on.) cupcakes are one of the few things i’m actually capable of baking; or, at least, they’re one of the few things i’ve baked which turn out: (a) looking the way they should, and (b) tasting delish.

and so i thought i’d showcase  some “cupcake art”… basically, food for your eyes, and for your grumbly tummy! unfortunately, you can’t eat any of these… cause, you know, they’re only images. i’m sorry.

oh, and PSBTW – if you click on any of the images, they’ll link back to where i originally found them. feeling far too lazy to sit and write about how much i love each of these cupcakes… just rest assured, i love them all! alright? 😉


Fire & Ice Cupcakes



rose cupcakes

so, don’t forget – if you’re ever in doubt… eat a cupcake!

Mike Scott is the kiffest.

ohaai, folks!

today i’m wearing my stag shirt…

…which obviously means it’s time for a new post. of course 😉 [as a side note, how feminine does my shirt-stag look? is this the grown-up Bambi we’re talking about here? check out those eyelashes… sheeeeesh.]

so, moving on. let’s talk about this legend of a man named Mike Scott. (quick moment of amusement while Hannah realises that he has the same name as Steve Carell’s ridiculous character on The Office. kay, moment over.)

Mike is an amazing animator guy. he’s got a comic strip called “Bru & Boegie” which is so random and funny. tis about two little okes who walk around in their underwear all the time. yep. these’re some of my favourites…






you can check more of ’em out for yourself; click here for their archive. (just a note of warning: when they’re dodgy, they’re really really dodgy… but when they’re funny, they’re hilarious!)

his brother, Dave, is the mastermind/musician/trumpet-player behind awesome dance-electro-Nintendo-pop band The Kiffness. Mike also does stuff with the band… yes. but Mike’s big thing is animation, it appears. he does a lot of The Kiffness’s promo posters and images, with Dave’s help. this one’s my personal fave:

…but i dig this one too!

cool, ne? and if you don’t know The Kiffness, maybe you’ve heard of a little band called Goldfish. yes? i hope so. well, Mike also did the amazing animation for the music video of their song “Soundtracks & Comebacks”. the music video with the cute leetle fishy… here tis.

plus, he’s animated their latest music video, for “Get Busy Living”. and i didn’t think it was possible, but i love this video even more than “Soundtracks”. noreally.

and how’s this sick little gif he did for Goldfish, too?

and while we’re at it, this flyer…

oh yes. major kiffness.

Mike also does pretty legit stuff in general. like the design on this bass guitar. that i now want. yaaaaah.

or how about these rad t-shirt designs?

Pac-Man’s Nightmare



too much. it’s all too much. click here if you’d like to explore his site on your own – it’s well worth it, lemme tell ya.

*sigh* i’m just in a happy place right now. thank you, Mike Scott. and happy Saturday, everyone!

floral frivolity

if you need to know one major thing about me, it’s that i have very little fashion sense at all.

i’m not saying i can’t appreciate good fashion when i see it; it’s more that when i try to pull off something fashionable, it just doesn’t work out. i’m a fashion fail, basically, and so i usually end up in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

but a couple years ago, i started falling in love with anything floral.

since i’m the antithesis of a girly girl, this was pretty ironic… but i just couldn’t get enough of floral prints – and i saw them everywhere. i’ve built up quite a collection of floral beauty, and i thought i’d display it here… since i think anything printed and flowery is joyful and hopeful and wonderful and inspires me 🙂

these two paintings are a part of my budding “art collection” (which really only consists of about 6 pieces… but hey, we all start somewhere, right?). the pansies were painted by the amazing Nicola Essery, and the assorted flowers were painted by her equally talented, equally fantastic daughter Serena. they are both up in my room and their prettiness is a wonderful thing to behold!

can we all be happy about this? my mom made this waistcoat when i was two. i wish i could find the photo with me wearing it, but this will have to suffice. isn’t it sunny and gorgeous?

this dress was the first floral anything i ever received; it was a spontaneous gift from my dearest sister Sindi, and i absolutely love it. i don’t think there’s been a time when i’ve worn this dress and NOT received a compliment from someone – it’s just such a classic beautiful style.

this is definitely the most colourful dress i own; in fact, it’s probably the most colourful piece of clothing i own! i love everything about this dress, especially the fact that it turns me into a super happy creature every time i wear it!

i picked this dress up at a thrift store in the States; my mom discovered it somewhere amidst old cast-me-downs. it’s so vintage and beautiful! i can’t wait for an opportunity to wear it out 🙂

i don’t like choosing favourites with any of my dresses, but if i absolutely had to, this dress would be a major contender. it was a gift from my marvellous aunt Kym, and it’s both friendly and classy, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂 needless to say, i wear it everywhere and it puts a serious spring in my step.

this dress – my newest acquisition – is a summer girl’s best friend. its cartoon-style flowers are a fresh take on floral patterns, and one that i most certainly approve of! (i love the stripes, too. yay for stripes!)

this Vera Bradley bag was a gift from dear friend Jenne, and its pattern – Hope Garden – always makes me smile. it’s so cheerful and bright, and really catches the eye. basically… i love it  🙂

and speaking of things which – and people whom – i love… today i picked up a parcel from the incredible Hayley, who, just because, decided to send me the most delightful, darling thing E.V.E.R.

yes, you are seeing right… it is a beautiful beautiful florally decorated mug, with a matchingly adorable teddy! is there anything more precious in the entire universe? (ignore my red face in the background. i’m excited, mmmkay?!) i was so blessed by this gift… and shocked when i realised how well it fit into my floral “theme” for this post! random. awesome. Hayley, you’re phenomenal ♥

and there you are, folks! are you fans of floral? what prints do you like the best? what patterns do you hoard? i’d love to hear 🙂

Boxing Day

hello, dears! here’s hoping you all had an amazing amazing Christmas. i’m still struggling to believe that it’s all over. the dismantling of Christmas ornaments awaits me in the near future – yikes!

i thought i’d share a few cheery Christmas photos on here. since getting DearDeer, i’ve been fiddling around and having fun with Poladroid – a super-cool application that turns normal photos into awesome, albeit fake, polaroid images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and now… i must go to bed! but first, i’m convinced i should’ve gotten these for Christmas…

yes? yes 🙂

little girl in a big world


this being my first post, let me tell you a little bit about moi. my name is Hannah, and i’m a little girl in a big big world. i’m super inspired by lots of things; one of these things is design and the beauty and creativity behind all forms of design and layout, so the idea behind this blog is for me to have a place where i can share all the cool-slash-lovely-slash-fantastic design stuffs that i find everywhere – on the net or around me in real life.

and if you want to come along, i will be a happy bunny 🙂

this blog is called dear deer because that is the name of my *new* macbook… she is a prettiness and another example of amazing design and goodness.